Skills in Demand

For students, choosing what they want to pursue when they grow up is one of the most important decisions they will make in their lifetime.

As a teacher, your influence, encouragement and guidance can literally be life changing.

Guiding your students to skills and employment that is in high demand will ensure that they have the opportunity to choose a path that can lead to success in their future.

Often, as a teacher, you can see something in your student that they don’t see in themselves. Exposing them to what’s available and encouraging them to explore areas where their strengths and talents would be a good fit can truly make a difference in who they choose to become.

Northeast Indiana has an ever-growing list of opportunities available to students of every type. Manufacturing and healthcare are the largest employing industries in northeast Indiana, and likely will remain so for many years to come. We’ve also listed these six subindustries in our region below, but those are just the tip of the iceberg, as we continue to expand and grow every year.

Defense and Aerospace Industry

Does your student have a passion for all things space? Northeast Indiana’s defense and aerospace industry includes some of the world’s largest contractors, and accounts for more than 10,800 jobs in the region. Our area is ranked sixth in the nation for aerospace manufacturing.

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Distribution and E-commerce

Are some of your students natural organizers? Northeast Indiana is a known force in the distribution and e-commerce industry, which accounts for more than 14,000 jobs in the region. More than 630 transportation and logistics companies are located across our 11 counties. There has been a consistent need for freight-truck drivers regionally in the last few years, with an expected job growth rate of 8 percent in the next decade. Job growth for first-line transportation supervisors is expected to be 9 percent in the next decade.

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Food and Agriculture

How we produce and distribute food for the masses is a fascinating process and has been modernized to include technology, geographics and analytics. Do your students know about careers and employment available in our region for food and agriculture? Let them know there are ample opportunities to learn all about it right here. In northeast Indiana, 78 percent of total land area is made up of rich farmland, making it a prime location for food and agriculture companies like Miller Poultry, Red Gold and Conagra.

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Medical Devices

Do you have students who are curious about how the body works and love inventing things? This could transform into a lucrative career in orthopedic device manufacturing. Northeast Indiana is the place to begin a career in this growing and evolving industry. Coined the “Orthopedic Capital of the World,” northeast Indiana represents 50 percent of the global orthopedic market for total joint replacements. The entire healthcare-related industry, the second-largest employing industry in northeast Indiana, will be in need of workers. For example, it is expected the job growth rate for nurse practitioners will be 30 percent in the next decade and 12 percent for registered nurses.

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Specialty Insurance

Do you have a student that is a natural people person and wants to help others? Northeast Indiana is a ripe business environment primed for insurance executives doing everything from sales to cybersecurity, and there are always opportunities for top talent. Nearly 4,000 people are employed in our insurance industry, and the average annual wage is just under $90,000.

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Automotive Innovation

Do your students know that our region has been a leader in the field of vehicle manufacturing for more than a century? Northeast Indiana is the perfect place to build a career or get an industry-recognized certification within the auto industry. Indiana produces 1.3 million trucks and cars each year, with a total manufacturing output of approximately $102 billion. Manufacturing is the largest employing industry in northeast Indiana. Jobs in various aspects of motor vehicle manufacturing in northeast Indiana are expected to rise in the next decade between 5 percent and 6 percent. Job growth in manufacturing occupations generally includes machine tool setters (17 percent), welders (10 percent), industrial engineers (9 percent), first-line supervisors (5 percent) and machinists (3 percent).

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Keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive: Television, the gasoline pump, magnet wire and the hand-held calculator all got their start in Fort Wayne, thanks to some really smart local inventors.