Pursuing Certifications

Pursuing Certifications 

Certifications have become a major option for learners, students, workers, and anyone that is eager to up skill, learn something new, or advance new skills and abilities. 

But, it can be difficult to navigate and find the certification program that makes the most sense to you and your situation. 

There are plenty of online courses that offer industry-based certifications but which ones do employers really consider as foundational learning experiences? Here in northeast Indiana, Ivy Tech offers over 70 different 2-year degree programs but they also offer certificates, technical certificates and workforce certificates. 

Everything from auto body technology certificates, electrical specialist, cyber security A+, to early childhood education and much more. 

These certificates can accelerate your current career path mobility and take you to the next step in your journey. 


We've identified a few resources about certifications that might help guide your research and decision-making. 


Life Considerations for Pursuing Certifications Path

Look at the sliders to review this career path to see if it makes sense for your situation, needs, and wants.

Autonomy/Independent Work
Collaboration/Group Work
Clock in and Out
Accomplish Things
Foundation to success
I can learn on the job
Not important
Very important
A little is OK
It's an investment in myself
A job well done
On location
Desk job
On the go
On the job
In a classroom
I can wait
Be a boss

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