Community College

Community College

Today's community college's have more to offer than 2-year associate degrees. Today's community college's are more than just a stepping stone to your 4-year degree. 

Today's community college experience allows student to earn not just associate degrees, but also flexibility, affordability, certificates and workforce training that matters in today's career landscape. In fact, on average, a student with an associate degree earns more than $10,000 more than someone with a high school diploma. 

And here in our region, we have Ivy Tech, which is the nation's largest singly-accredited community college in the country and a fantastic resource to northeast Indiana. 

About Ivy Tech Community College

"No two students’ paths to the future look the same. We get that. So, we listen. We support. We guide. With 70+ academic programs and classes in 75+ communities in Indiana—plus online—you’ll be able to find your fit for the next step in your career."

With over 70+ programs designed for Indiana jobs, Ivy Tech can be the resource you need to earn that associate degree, find an apprenticeship, find a job and more. 


Life Considerations for the Community College Path

Look at the sliders to review this career path to see if it makes sense for your situation, needs, and wants.

Autonomy/Independent Work
Collaboration/Group Work
Clock in and Out
Accomplish Things
Foundation to success
I can learn on the job
Not important
Very important
A little is OK
It's an investment in myself
A job well done
On location
Desk job
On the go
On the job
In a classroom
I can wait
Be a boss

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