Pursuing Internships

Pursuing an Internship

An internship is important because it can present you with new skills and opportunities that you may not receive otherwise. Interns gain technical knowledge within the industry of their choice by working directly with professionals in that field.

This allows you to apply practical knowledge you may have learned from a classroom setting while you develop important soft skills, such as time management, organization, adaptability, problem-solving and teamwork.

A Few Reasons to Consider:

  • The majority of students who successfully complete an internship receive a full-time job offer after graduation.
  • Students and young professionals with internship experience are 35% more likely to get at least one job offer after graduating than those without internship experience.
  • 70% of all interns are offered a position at the same company they interned for, and only 20% decline that offer.
  • Paid internships are 52% more likely to result in a full-time job than unpaid internships.
  • College graduates with at least some internship experience are 15% less likely to be unemployed than college graduates without internship experience.
  • In the United States, entry-level professionals who intern with large tech companies have the highest compensation rates.

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Why Is an Internship Important? 

Indeed.com have compiled a list of 12 reasons why a student should pursue an internship. And we must agree, internships can propel students knowledge base, teach them what they like and don't like, and pave the path for finding the career they like and are passionate about. 

12 Reasons Why

  1.  Tests industry knowledge
  2.  Helps you determine your interests
  3.  Creates new interests
  4.  Connects you with industry professionals
  5.  Allows you to learn in a safe environment
  6.  Allows you to get paid to learn
  7.  Provides possible credit for your college degree
  8.  Potentially qualifies you to gain more internship opportunities
  9.  Creates a unique travel experience
  10.  Inspires you to learn more about an industry
  11.  Teaches you about the importance of work-life balance
  12.  Introduces you to office dynamics

Life Considerations for the Internship Path

Look at the sliders to review this career path to see if it makes sense for your situation, needs, and wants.

Autonomy/Independent Work
Collaboration/Group Work
Clock in and Out
Accomplish Things
Foundation to success
I can learn on the job
Not important
Very important
A little is OK
It's an investment in myself
A job well done
On location
Desk job
On the go
On the job
In a classroom
I can wait
Be a boss

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