Joining a Skilled Trade

Joining a Skilled Trade

Joining a skilled trade through an apprenticeship or completing a skilled trades program can be a fantastic career option for those of us that enjoy working with our hands, love autonomy, honing our craft, and are task-oriented.  

There used to be a stigma about skilled trades, but that should no longer be the case. The traditional path to a career (go to college, get a job, retire) is no longer the more advantageous path. Nowadays, there are paths to a career that span every facet of life, so we can all find something we are good at and get paid for it. 

Furthermore, The BLS reports that over half of the nation's 20 fastest-growing occupations between 2020-2030 do not require a bachelor's degree. A few of these include solar photovoltaic installers, exercise trainers, motion picture projectionists, and makeup artists. 

And with the growing demand for skilled trades workers (with the mass retirement of the Baby Boomer generation), if you pursue a trade, you can be in demand for decades to come, which means job stability, competitive salary, and upward career mobility. 

The highest-paying skilled trades in Indiana

We've identified a few of the highest-paying skilled trades in Indiana and what their annual salary is today, c/o of ZipRecruiter.

Job Title and Annual Salary

  • Weather Trader $67,808
  • Mechanical Trade $67,354
  • Trader Construction $67,318
  • Trades Supervisor $62,015
  • Trade Supervisor $61,658

Life Considerations for the Skilled Trade Path

Look at the sliders to review this career path to see if it makes sense for your situation, needs, and wants.

Autonomy/Independent Work
Collaboration/Group Work
Clock in and Out
Accomplish Things
Foundation to success
I can learn on the job
Not important
Very important
A little is OK
It's an investment in myself
A job well done
On location
Desk job
On the go
On the job
In a classroom
I can wait
Be a boss

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