Quality of (Your) Life

Fort Wayne, our region’s hub and Indiana’s second-largest city, consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in the United States and boasts one of the nation’s lowest costs of living

This means you can find and afford to rent or buy a place to call home at any stage of your life. There are ample options, ranging from trendy downtown lofts to lakeside and small-town living across the region.

Rent Prices by State

As an adult, your most significant expense will most likely be housing. The average household dedicates 33.1 percent of its budget to housing costs. Compare what you would pay staying close to home to other states throughout the nation by exploring the chart here.

The average American renter pays $1,326 a month. For those looking to move, prices are even higher. The average asking rent is now $1,900, with single-family houses averaging $2,018 a month, while a typical apartment costs $1,659.

By comparison, the average rent in Fort Wayne is $960, according to RentCafe.

Keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive: Television, the gasoline pump, magnet wire and the hand-held calculator all got their start in Fort Wayne, thanks to some really smart local inventors.