What do your students want to be when they grow up?

As an educator, you have the potential to help guide every individual you teach to discover their strengths and gain confidence in their personal skills and abilities.

We know it can be tough to take the time you want with each of your students to help them chase their dreams. That’s why we’ve created the YF:MIYO website to provide you with helpful resources, tools and information you can easily share with all those who look up to you for inspiration.

Explore What’s Available in Our Region

So, what’s available for your students in northeast Indiana? We’ve created a road map of current opportunities to help you learn what industries and educational opportunities are available throughout our region, what skills and abilities are in demand and which schools/industries provide the best career opportunities for what your student wants to do.

Discover New Resources and Career Opportunities

Our goal is to provide valuable information to inspire your students to create their own adventure, discover what’s available right in their own backyard and explore different career opportunities that resonate with their personality and abilities. From aerospace to agriculture, our area has hundreds of choices for young people wanting to further their education or start a full-time job.

Share Insights and Information in Your Classroom

We have uncovered valuable insights into emerging career opportunities for your students in our region that make it easier for you to speak about and expose them to choices and lifestyles they may not have even considered. Choosing what to do when they become an adult is one of the most important decisions a young person will make. And we want you, as teachers, to have some additional tools and information to help students prepare for their future.

Inspire a Young Person’s Future!

Whether your students want to chase their dreams or follow a well-prepared path, take some time to explore our resources, expose them to new possibilities and experience a glimpse of what their future could look like with some positive influence and support from you.

Keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive: Television, the gasoline pump, magnet wire and the hand-held calculator all got their start in Fort Wayne, thanks to some really smart local inventors.