Make it Northeast Indiana

Northeast Indiana is bursting with opportunities for your child’s future dreams.

Our region has become one of the best areas to work and live in the United States and continues to expand and grow every year. We have a clear vision for a prosperous future for you, and for your children.

Real estate development and revitalization efforts are underway in every corner of northeast Indiana, with major investments throughout 11 counties within the last few years. Why is northeast Indiana experiencing this growth? We have been ranked as a top state by CNBC for cost of doing business, and operating costs are some of the lowest in our region, attracting and supporting a range of businesses, from homegrown entrepreneurs like Sweetwater Sound and Vera Bradley to the region’s largest automotive manufacturer, General Motors.

With infusions of capital of nearly $2 billion over the last three years into the region and more than $1 billion in investment over the last 10 years in downtown Fort Wayne, northeast Indiana is turning a vision into its reality. And the work is not completed. From new sports stadiums to trails to industrial parks, we continue to work to become one of the best places in the nation to live and work and play.

For your children, this means they will have more opportunities than ever before to find a career they love, without having to leave the area they call home. Our goal is to help you expose them to these opportunities and encourage them to explore careers they may not even know about in our region. Whether they want to be a rocket scientist or a musician, chances are there is a path that fits their passion, right here in their own backyard.

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The biggest influencer on your child's career path is YOU; the parent or guardian. 

We know that parents are the biggest influencers on their children's selection of career paths so we want to assist you in the process of informing your child about resources and tools available that help students, not only, identify their strengths and abilities as it relates to paths to a career, but also how their passions and interests can help them discover what they want to do and how they can get paid for it. 

Fort Wayne places as the fifth most safe large city in Indiana, according to AdvisorSmith